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Exceptional Ruby Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Exc_Ruby::detail::Copy_Type< T >Copy_Type<T> will return the desired type for copying a value around a lot
Exc_Ruby::Exception_Safe_Builtin_Wrapper< T, Ruby_Type >
Exc_Ruby::Exception_Safe_Ruby_Data_Wrapper< T >
Exc_Ruby::Fast_Builtin_Wrapper< T, Ruby_Type >A wrapper for builtin data types (such as RArray or RString)
Exc_Ruby::Fast_Ruby_Data_Wrapper< T >
Exc_Ruby::detail::Fun_Type< T >
Exc_Ruby::Ruby_Delete_Strategy< T >Some strategies for deleting objects
Exc_Ruby::Ruby_ExceptionA placeholder for Ruby exceptions
Exc_Ruby::Ruby_Jump_TagA placeholder for Ruby longjmps
Exc_Ruby::Ruby_Reference< T, Data_Wrapper >A smartpointer-like wrapper for Ruby VALUEs
Exc_Ruby::Ruby_Type< T >
Exc_Ruby::detail::Strip_Ref< T >Strip_Ref<T>::Type will turn T into T and T& into T
Exc_Ruby::detail::Strip_Ref< T & >Given T&, return T

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