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Exceptional Ruby File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Auto_Function_Wrapper.hpp [code]
Auto_Member_Function_Wrapper.hpp [code]
call_ruby_function.hpp [code]A collection of functions (overloaded on number of arguments) for calling C functions that might raise Ruby exceptions
check_ruby_type.hpp [code]
Constructor.hpp [code]
cpp_st.hpp [code]Hacks to allow functions in st.h to be called from C++ programs
creation_funcs.hpp [code]
critical_guard.hpp [code]
define_method_and_auto_wrap.hpp [code]
enum_wrapper.hpp [code]
Exception_Handler.hpp [code]
exceptional_ruby.hpp [code]This header includes all other Exceptional Ruby headers
Iterator_Definer.hpp [code]
proc_new.hpp [code]
rb_cpp_define_method.hpp [code]Helpers for defining ruby methods, overloaded on the signature of the function being wrapped
rb_cpp_funcall.hpp [code]A collection of functions (overloaded on number of arguments) for calling methods on Ruby objects in an exception-safe manner
rb_cpp_method_data.hpp [code]
require_guard.hpp [code]
ruby_array.hpp [code]
ruby_class.hpp [code]
ruby_cmdline_args.hpp [code]
ruby_conversions.hpp [code]Wrappers for converting between Ruby types and C/C++ types
ruby_critical_guard.hpp [code]
ruby_exceptions.hpp [code]Helper macros and classes for converting C++ exceptions to Ruby exceptions
ruby_funcall.hpp [code]Functions for making exception-safe calls into Ruby code. These are the building blocks for building other exception-safe helper functions
ruby_hacks.hpp [code]Hacks for addressing incompatibilities between various Ruby versions
ruby_hash.hpp [code]
ruby_module.hpp [code]
ruby_reference.hpp [code]Provides a helper class for wrapping and unwrapping C++ objects as Ruby objects
ruby_struct.hpp [code]
ruby_type.hpp [code]
template_helpers.hpp [code]Some template magic necessary to implement more template magic. Based on ideas found Andrei Alexandrescu's Loki library
to_from_ruby.hpp [code]
use_ruby_allocator.hpp [code]
value_holder.hpp [code]

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